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Eurfa - Geiriadur Ar-lien / On-line Dictionary

O Ping Wales

Mae Eurfa yn eiriadur Cymraeg-Saesneg/Saesneg-Cymraeg ar-lein newydd gan Kyfieithu. Mae sawl geiriadur ar-lein yn bodoli'n barod fel a'r Gronfa Genedlaethol o Dermau, ond beth sy'n whanol am hwn yw mae'n cynnwys treigliadau o eiriau.

Eurfa is new Welsh-English/English-Welsh on-line dictionary by Kyfieithu. On-line dictionaries already exist, such as and the National Database of Terms, but what's different about this one is that it contains the mutated forms of words.
Most importantly, especially for learners, Eurfa is the first dictionary in any Celtic language to include inflected verb forms, along with mutated forms of both base words and verb inflections. There are over 400,000 of these secondary forms in this initial release, dwarfing the 10,000 base words.

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