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Welsh day-course, Derby 24/9/05

Er nad yw'n berthnasol ofnadwy i ddysgwyr yn y de ddywrain, dyma ddolen at wybodaeth am gwrs Cymraeg undydd yn Derby, ar ddydd Sadwrn y 24ain o fis Medi 2005.

Although it's not all that relevant to learners in the south east, here's a link to a one-day Welsh course that's held in Derby, on Saturday the 24th of September 2005.
A one-day language school is being held to promote the learning of Welsh in Derby.

It will take place at Chester Green Community Centre in Old Chester Road from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 24.

The fee is £10 to cover the cost of hiring the centre.

Organisers hope to attract people who wish to learn the Welsh language, as well as existing learners, and Welsh speakers willing to give learners the opportunity to practise their skills.

Call Jonathan Simcock on 07709 226344.

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