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Learn Welsh in the Pub

Fel oeddwn yn cerdded heibio tafarn y Clive Arms, yn ardal Treganna Caerdydd, gwelais boster yn y ffenest yn dweud:
As I walked past the Clive Arms pub in the Canton area of Caerdiff, I saw a poster in the window advertising:
Welsh Classes at the Clive
Tutor: Iona James

Starting 9th of August
and then every Tuesday
from 8:30pm untill 9:30pm

Efallai eich bod yn nabod rhywun sydd eisiau dysgu Cymraeg , ond sy'n rhy swil i gofrestru ar gwrs neu sydd ddim am ymrwymo i gwrs coleg. Gall hwn fod o ddiddordeb iddynt gan ei fod yn llai ffurfiol ac mae cyfle i gael peint yr un pryd.
Maybe yourself or someone you know have been thinking of learning Welsh but are either too shy to register on a course or don't want to commit to a college course. This could be ideal as it's less formal (althought all adult courses are quite informal) and you can have a pint at the same time. Although it's started two weeks ago, I'm sure you can just turn up.

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