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Dweud wrth y byd / Tell the world

Dwi wedi postio am hwn o'r blaen, ond mae werth ei bostio eto
I've posted about this before, but it's worth mentioning again

Oce chi wedi/yn dysgu Cymraeg, nawr mae'n rhaid cael pobl i siarad Cymraeg gyda chi. Tydi siaradwyr Cymraeg ddim yn edrych dim gwahanol i neb arall felly mae Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg yn darparu bathodynnau er mwyn i gwsmeriaid wybod pa staff mewn cwmniau/sefydliadau sy'n gallu siarad Cymraeg. Mae 2 bathodyn, un os chi'n rhugl, ac un os ydych eisiau dweud eich bod yn dysgu (a gobeithio na fydd pobl yn siarad rhy gyflym gyda chi!) Maen't am ddim felly e-bostiwch am un. Fy tip i yw gwisgo yr un sy'n dweud eich bod yn rhugl, neu bydd siaradwyr Cymraeg yn bod yn sili a throi i'r Saesneg mae'n siwr.

Ok you've learnt/are learning Welsh, now you need to get people to speak Welsh with you. Welsh speakers don't look any different to other people so the Welsh Language Board provide badges so that customers know which staff in companies/organisations can speak Welsh. There are 2 badges, one if you're fluent, ond one that say's you're learning (in the hope that people don't speak too fast) They're for free so e-mail for one. My tip is to wear the one that say's you're fluent, otherwise Welsh speakers will be silly and switch to English I'm sure.


Ysgol Undydd / Welsh Day School: Pontypridd 28/1/06

Sadwrn Siarad i Oedolion
Ym Mhrifysgol Morgannwg
ar 28 Ionawr 2006 am 9:30am tan 4:00pm

Safon 1,2,3 a Defnyddio'r Gymraeg

£10 (yn cynnwys Gwersi, Coffi a Chinio)

Am ragor o fanylion cysyltwch â Leah ar 01685 877183 neu leahcoles AT

Sadwrn Siarad for Adults
At Glamorgan University
on 28 January 2006 at 9:30am until 4:00pm

Levels 1,2,3 and
Defnyddio'r Gymraeg

£10 (includes Lessons, Coffi and Lunch)

For more details, contact Leah on 01685 877183 or leahcoles AT

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Pantomeim Cymraeg: Pontypridd + Y Coed Duon Blackwood

Cwmni Mega’n cyflwyno


Mae yna gysgod ar Gymru, nid yw popeth yn union fel mae'n ymddangos. Mae rhywun, neu rywbeth wedi bod yn creu swynion cas. Mae ‘Hela'r Twrch Trwyth!’ yn seiliedig ar chwedl Culhwch ac Olwen - mae yma gewri, marchogion, cestyll, tywysoges hardd, anifeiliaid sy’n siarad, gwrach, swyn ac wrth gwrs helfa fawr a brwydr ffyrnig!

Mae Culhwch angen cymorth plant Cymru os am lwyddo, mae Olwen angen help i ddianc o’i charchar, a mae’r Twrch Trwyth . . . wel, mae e angen mynd ar ddeiet ar ôl bwyta gormod o dryffls!

I'r gad!

Cwmni Mega present


There's a dark cloud over Wales, everything is not as it seems. Someone or something has come and created an evil spell. ‘Hela'r Twrch Trwyth!’ is based on the myth of Culhwch ac Olwen - it's about giants, knights, castles, a beautiful princess, animals that talk, a witch, a spell and of course a big hunt and a fierce battle!

Culhwch needs the help of the children of Wales if he's to succeed, Olwen needs help to escape from her prison, and the ngen help i ddianc o’i charchar, and the Twrch Trwyth . . . well, he needs to go on a diet after eating too many truffles!

To battle!


Sefydlaid y Glowyr Y Coed Duon / Blackwood Miner's Institute: 9 + 10/1/06 (01495 227206)

Canolfan Y Miwni / Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd: 19 - 25/1/06 (01443 485934)

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“Bandes Dessinées“ yn Gymraeg in Welsh

Mae llyfr newydd o'r enw 'Penbleth Dynol Ryw' nawr ar gael o Siop y Bont. Beth sydd mor arbennig am hynny meddai chi? Wel dyma lyfr cyntaf sydd wedi ei gyhoeddi gan Dalen, cwmni bach sydd wedi ei sefydlu er mwyn cyhoeddi cyfieithiadau Cymraeg o lyfrau Bandes Dessinées o'r cyfandir (llyfrau cartŵn i chi a fi). Dyma bost diddordol gan Rhodri am y pwnc.

A new book called 'Penbleth Dynol Ryw' is now available in Siop y Bont. What's so special about that I hear you ask? Well this is the first book to be published by Dalen, a small company set up to publish Welsh translations of Bandes Dessinées books (comic books to you and me) from the continent. Here's an interestin post by Rhodri about the subject.

Sampl o'r llyfr / Sample from the book

Asterix yn Gymraeg


My first day at (day) school

Dyma gyfweliad drwy e-bost gyda Gareth Williams a aeth i Ysgol Undydd wedi ei drefnu gan Coleg Gwent yn Nhŷ Brynglas, Casnewydd. Mae Gareth yn 22 oed ac yn dod o Gasnewydd.

Here'n an interview via e-mail with Gareth Williams who attended the Welsh day school arranged by Coleg Gwent at Brynglas House, Newport. Gareth is 22 years old an comes from Newport.

What time did the day start:
We started about 9:30AM and finished about 3:45PM. Lunch was included in the full price and there was an excellent bookshop present.

What level class did you go in:
Went in with Anne, beginners. Which was quite funny actually considering there was a good 25-30 people in one class! Apparently this is the highest number they've had in the Newport area.
Not sure how true that is. I like to take it as a good sign?

Where did your 'classmates' come from and what sort of people were they (age, occupation, were they more/less fluent than you)?
Most were from Croesyceiliog, Newport, Cwmbrân and Cardiff areas, one or two spoke with distinctive English accents (southern mostly), and one was from Ireland, who knew some Gaelic. Statistically, I was probably the youngest in the class, there was one other classmate who was in her early 20's. Most were middle aged, and one or two quite old. (In my class in Newport theres only one other classmate of mine in the same age group as me 20-25. She's from Wigan!), It wasn't really a turn off by any means, but it would have been "nice" to have one or two people in their early 20's. Some people were at my "level", and there were some light years ahead

What did you study?
Primarily we learned how to show "possession of things", such as;
"Mae car gyda fi" - "Oes cyfrifiadur gyda chi?" (i should hope so! :-p)
The numerous ways of saying Yes/No (Nac oes/oes, Ie/Nage, Ydi/Nac Ydi, Ydw/Nac dyw) were probably the hardest to get to grips with, at that time I had only really confronted "Ie/Nage", but had heard of Oes/Nac oes. But really had no idea in what respect you would say it. Funnily enough we covered the entire spectrum of Yes/No in my Welsh class today, Perhaps it would be beneficial to coincide Welsh day schools with Cwrs Mynediad?

Did you feel a bit out of depth - did tutors help you along?
Yeah they were very good, Even though I havent been learning that long (since mid September) I found my main obstacle was vocabulary. I often found myself able to understand the beginning and end of a sentence, but one integral word would throw me completely. This is down to me being so new at this, rather than a reflection on the teachers themselves.

What did you do for lunch, did you chat with people of other levels or where they to busy practising their Welsh?
A great many of Welsh learners I spoke to were very interested in Cwrs Mynediad. I had found out that I'm basically on the newest course, which came into effect this year. There were many questions, such as "what do you think of it?" and the like. Since the vast majority are on the other two courses "Wplan" and "Opec"?.

Was it more of the same in the afternoon or did you do something different?
For the most part yeah, we played a 'board game' for a long period of time in the afternoon, with a dice with "Nhw","Fi", "Chi" (Us, Me, You) etc.. and once rolled we had to talk about the people in the two pictures, using the whole "gyda" (with) thing.

How did you feel at the end?

Tired/Wedi Blino! But good, It's very important to hear Welsh, especially living in such an Anglicised part of Wales.

Would you go again?
After I've learned more vocabulary, definitely.

When's the next one?
In Newbridge on the 14th of January 2006

Diolch yn fawr Gareth.

Fel soniwyd uchod bydd yr ysgol undydd nesaf ar y 14eg o Ionawr yn Nhrecelyn. Fel y gwelwch mae'r ysgolion hyn yn hynod boblogaidd gyda 25+ ymhob lefel (allan o chwech lefel), felly rhaid archebu o flaen llaw.
Os hoffai unrhyun aral rannu eu profiadau o ddysgu Cymraeg yma, anfonwch e-bost ataf neu gadewch sylw.

As mentioned above, the next day school is at Newbridge on the 14th of January. As you can see these schools are very popular with 25+ on each level (out of 6 levels), so advance booking is essential.
If anyone else would like to share their experiences in learning Welsh here, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

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Mwy o flogiau gan ddysgwyr / More blogs by Welsh learners

Dwi wedi postio am hyn o'r blaen (ac angen ei ddiweddaru!) ond mae'n werth gwneud post newydd am flogiau eraill gan ddysgwyr (a chyn-ddysgwyr) dwi wedi dod ar eu traws.

I've posted about this in the past (needs updating!) but it's worth posting about other blogs by Welsh learners (and former learners) that I've come across.

Meddylia' - (Cymraeg) Blog gan Garlleg sy'n adrodd ei hymdrechion i gynnal a chefnogi digwyddiau i ddysgwyr eraill yng ngogledd orllewin Cymru

- (Cymraeg) Dyma'r ail ddysgwr o Minneapolis sy'n cadw blog. Mae Tom yn sôn am wahanol bethau sy'n digwydd yn ei fywyd personol ac yn UDA yn gyffredinol

Dwi'n Caru Cyfryngau - (Dwyieithog) Hanes bywyd personol CamberwellBeauty sydd wedi symud i fyw i dde orllewin Cymru dwi'n credu

Chocolate and Vodka
- (Dwyieithog) Blog gan Suw Charman, un o'r rhai cyntaf i flogio'n Gymraeg, felly dylwn wedi ei cynnwys ar y rhestr cyntaf. Hi sy'n gyfriol am sefydlu gwefan gwych Clwb Malu Cachu. Mae'r ddolen yma'n arddangos pyst Cymraeg yn unig)

Dysgu Gymraeg efo Jon
- (Saesneg) Prosiect ar y cyd rhwng dau aelod staff o gyngor sir Torfaen fel rhan o wefan Webster.
A project by two staff members of Torfaen county conuncil as part of the Webster website. You are invited to join Jonathan Conick as he attempts to learn Welsh via e-learning.

Camau Dysgwr - (Cymraeg) Blog gan Almaenes o'r enw Jessica. Mae ganddi hefyd flog yn iaith Gwyddeleg yr Alban


Taith Cerdded a Siopa yn Bryste 17/12/05

Taith Gerdded a Siopa i Fryste gyda 2YQ
Walking and Shopping trip to Bristol with 2YQ

Neges e-bost:

Clwb Cerdded 2YQ

Cerdded a siopa Dolig ym Mryste

Dydd Sadwrn, 17fed o Ragfyr

Cwrdd tu allan i orsaf drên canolog Caerdydd am 9.30am

Byddwn yn mynd am daith fer tua dwy filltir ar hyd glanfa Bryste i fyny
at bont suspensiwn Brunel i Clifton. Bydd cyfle i siopa yn siopau 'chic'
Clifton. Byddwn wedyn yn dal bws yn ôl i orsaf Temple Meads.

Bydd angen esgidiau cadarn a chôt law gan fod rhan o'r llwybr yn mynd
drwy goedwig.

Cysylltwch â Iestyn i gadarnhau eich bod am ddod.
Ffôn: 07876 068498

SADWRN SIARAD Bedwas: 17/12/05

Sadwrn Siarad Bedwas

17/12/05 Bedwas
Sefydliad y Gweithwyr /Workman's Institiute 10:00 - 12:00

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Learn Welsh with Jon - Dysgu Gymraeg efo Jon

Learn Welsh with Jon - Dysgu Gymraeg efo Jon: Hyd y gwela i dyma flog gan ddysgwr o'r enw Jon o Dorfaen, sydd eisiau i eraill ymuno a dysgu gyda fe trwy ddefnyddio e-ddysgu. Mae'n synaid diddorol a dwi'n edrych ymalen i weld y canlynaidau. Efallai bydd yn gallu fy helpu i hyrwyddo'r blog hwn.

Learn Welsh with Jon - Dysgu Gymraeg efo Jon: As far as I can see, this is a blog by a Welsh learner called Jon from Torfaen, who wants others to join and learn with him using e-learning. It's an interesting idea and I look forward to see the results. Maybe he'll be able to help me promote this blog.

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Carolau Nadolig / Christmas Carols, Caerdydd

Bydd corau Cymraeg yn canu tu fas i Neuadd y Ddinas, Caerdydd ar y 12fed a'r 19eg o Rafgyr o 7:30pm ymlaen.

Welsh choirs will be singing outside City Hall, Cardiff on the 12th and 19th of December from 7:30pm onwards.

Gwefan Gŵyl Gaeaf Caerdydd
Cardiff Winter Wonderland website


Must Have Nadolig 2005

Oddi ar wefan Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili

Yn dilyn ymholiadau gan gwsmeriaid y llynedd, mae gan Ganolfan Arddio Caerffili gyflenwad o oleuadau 'Nadolig Llawen' arbennig.

Y pris yw £19.99

Eu maint yw 80cm x 40cm a gellir eu defnyddio tu fewn neu tu fas. Os ydych am brynnu un ar gyfer eich cartref neu weithle, cofiwch grybwyll mai ar ein gwefan y gwelsoch yr hysbyseb.

Following enquiries by customers last year, Caerphilly Garden Centre now have a supply of special 'Nadolig Llawen' christmas lights.

The price is £19.99

Their size is 80cm x 40cm and they can be used indoors or outdoors. If you are going to buy one for your home or work place, please remember to mention that you saw the advert on our website.

02920 861511

Dwi wedi rhybuddio'r Ganolfan Arddio i ddisgwyl torf anferth yn dilyn y post hwn

I've warned the Garden Centre to expect a mad rush following this posting


TWMPATH, Llanilltud Faerdre: 6.12.05

TWMPATH gyda grŵp CYD Pontypridd.
Nos Fawrth 6/12/05 am 8pm
yn Clwb Chwaraeon Llanilltud Faerdre

Manylion gan Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taf: 01685 877183

TWMPATH with CYD Pontypridd group.
Tuesday 6/12/05 at 8pm
in Llantwit Faerdre Sports Centre

Further details from Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taf: 01685 877183